Potrzebna Pomoc i Wolontariusze! Jutro, czwartek, 03.03.22. Pakujemy od 10:00am drugiego tira darów od mieszkańców Liverpoolu dla Ukrainy. Potrzebujemy wielu wolontariuszy do zapakowania tira. Pomocy! Przyjedz na 9:45 na adres: Unit 5H, Cornhill Works, Marl Rd, Liverpool L33 7UH

Need Help and Volunteers! Tomorrow, Thursday, 3/3/22. We are packing from 10:00 am a second truck of gifts from Liverpool residents for Ukraine. We need a lot of volunteers to pack the truck. Help! Arrive at 9:45 AM at Unit 5H, Cornhill Works, Marl Rd, Liverpool L33 7UH

3 thoughts on “Potrzebni wolontariusze!”
  1. I am interested in joining the convoy to the Ukrainian/Polish border next Saturday for organising and distributing relief items. Do you need volunteers in this regard? Let me know.


  2. Can I volunteer with you and then hitch a ride to as far as you go in or near Ukraine. I am a veteran engineer with government clearance for demolitions and explosives. I am 66 years old and in Liverpool. I fought in Angola and .. I am skilled in explosive delivery mechanisms. I am an electrical engineer skilled in analogue interlock systems salvaged from war damaged motor vehicles. (better and safer than Molotov’s) I am also skilled skipping and coastal navigating under 25 ton sea going vessels and a dab hand on their marine diesels. Contact or sign post me M; 07476753348

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